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Forms & Resources

Fact Sheets

Reduce Feed Costs by Grazing Corn Stalks (South Dakota State University Extension-IGrow Website Page)

The Value of Crop Residue (South Dakota State University Extension-IGrow Fact Sheet)

Cover Crop Species Selection For Grazing (USDA-NRCS Fact Sheet)

Cover Crop Common Species and Properties Poster (USDA-NRCS Fact Sheet/Poster)

The Use Of Turnips For Extending The Grazing Season (South Dakota State University Extension Fact Sheet)

Utilizing Annual Crops For Forage In Western South Dakota (South Dakota State University Extension Fact Sheet)

Cover Crop “SmartMix” Calculator (Green Cover Seeds, NE)

Grazing Cover Crops Calculation Sheet (SD Soil Health Coalition)

Impact of Cattle Grazing Corn Residue (University of Nebraska Extension)

Interactive Spreadsheet Tools

Crop Aftermath and/or Cover Crop Grazing Job Sheet Excel (USDA-NRCS SD)

Cover Crop Seeding Plan and Record (USDA-NRCS SD)

Contracting Resources

SD State Brand Board

AMS Cash Rent For Pasture Land (USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service)

Annual Average Prices Paid For Feeder Livestock- United States 2012-2017 (USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service)

South Dakota Agricultural Land Market Trends, 1991-2020 (South Dakota State University Economics Department)

Rental Agreements For Grazing Corn Residue (University of Nebraska Extension)

Rental Agreements For Cover Crop Grazing (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Website Page)

Grazing Contracts For Livestock (ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture-National Center For Appropriate Technology Fact Sheet)